Case Study: Financial Institution Converts to enCompass Recovery Cloud for Improved Disaster Recovery

The credit union was using a traditional tape-based backup solution that offered limited recovery functionality

The enCompass managed services team was closely monitoring this credit union’s backup footprint. With the addition of a fully-featured document management solution, the client’s data-store was growing significantly. Trending analysis showed that the backup job would outgrow tape capacity in the near future.

The credit union initially considered an additional tape backup unit to accommodate growth but wondered about a better way to address backups – something more scalable, a solution that would grow with the credit union’s requirements without the need to add additional hardware.

enCompass recommended a cloud-based backup and recovery solution

A question many companies, especially ones with high-availability needs, ask when using a traditional backup solution is, “How fast can we get back up and running if a disaster strikes?” Since most companies, including this one, back up only their databases and file systems and do not have a duplicate (“hot”) server environment on which to restore their backup data, usually the only way to recover from a disaster is a full rebuild of their server environment, which usually involves sourcing server hardware which can mean days of lead time from server manufacturers.

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Bottom line, using a traditional backup solution may take up to three days for full recovery. This held true for the credit union. The institution’s leadership team, with their member’s best interest and a slew of federal compliance requirements in mind, demanded a better solution. They selected the enCompass Recovery Cloud.

With enCompass Recovery Cloud, backups are encrypted and securely transported using bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption over the internet to a SAS70 securitized data center on the west coast and then replicated to an alternate data center on the east coast.

What makes enCompass Recovery Cloud truly special though is that the client’s core server systems are “cloned” using virtualization technology in the data center and stand prepared to provide full network services in the event of a disaster or server failure at a moment’s notice. That way the credit union can continue to serve its membership, in this case greater than 18,000 people, in any event.

enCompass cost-effectively maintains the company’s backup and recovery capability to ensure continued confidence and compliance adherence

The credit union was already an enCompass AutoPilot managed IT support services client, meaning enCompass manages IT strategy, compliance, and day-to-day IT operations for the institution. Incorporated in this programmatic approach is the management of the credit union’s disaster preparedness, including continuous testing of backup solutions and documentation as well as leading a periodic full mock-disaster team test.

enCompass Recovery Cloud and enCompass AutoPilot ensure the credit union’s confidence that they stand prepared for a disaster at any time, and have the capability to recover systems while fully servicing their members through each of the credit union’s functional departments.


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