Financial Services Overview

 We help businesses that specialize in the financial services sector to better utilize technology to support their goals as well as meet and maintain regulatory standards.

The technical requirements facing the financial sector are more challenging due to the increased scrutiny by regulators and emerging threats to cybersecurity. That is why our team has developed specific skill sets to address those challenges – enabling our financial services clients to operate more efficiently and to focus on what they do best, managing and growing their client's portfolios.

A sampling of our services include:

Navigational Assessment focused on specific compliance areas or competitor benchmarking analysis

AutoPilot Managed IT Service – a unique managed IT service dedicated to the continuous operational leadership, support, and risk management of your information systems environment

enCompass Recovery Cloud -Managed Disaster Preparedness

Managed IT Compliance Service

Managed Security

IT security analysis and improvement

Disaster recovery analysis, planning and environmental improvements

IT policy and procedure analysis and writing

Virtual IT Compliance Officer services

IT Risk Management

Third party vendor management, from payment solutions to ATM suppliers and integration

Network monitoring, intrusion detection, ongoing risk mitigation

Analytics and business intelligence systems

Systems selection guidance

Help desk services


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