AutoPilot Managed IT Compliance

Financial Service Companies need an IT compliance partner they can trust to either complement internal IT talent or fulfill the entire role of IT within their organizations. Often, because of the sensitivity of confidential data stored, a third-party is needed to continuously audit the security and disaster recovery capabilities of the firm to effectively manage risk.

Our IT support team is prepared to help you manage the complicated web of regulatory requirements. With our Managed IT Compliance service we assign your practice a dedicated enCompass IT Compliance Officer to oversee the strategic as well as the operational and task-based items that ensure your office’s strict adherence to regulation. So our team becomes your team, and you can Relax… We’re here to help.

Each client is unique, based on their technology environments, and risk tolerance. We gage these items before setting into place a comprehensive Managed IT Compliance program, often through a full risk assessment and benchmark audit.

As part of our continuous compliance regimen, our team carries out the following types of activities on a regularly scheduled basis per your testing and auditing risk management schedule. We provide comprehensive documentation monthly for your peace of mind and compliance.

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  • Continuous update of policy & procedure manual and systems documentation to reflect accurate systems environment as well as changing regulatory requirements
  • On demand expert compliance advisory services
  • Regularly scheduled audit items including remote monitoring and management of server, network, and desktop environment; remote security patch management; antivirus and threat management tools monitoring and management; firewall monitoring and update management; logging reviews; vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • Regularly scheduled external penetration testing
  • Regularly scheduled disaster recovery testing including full restore of backups, guided team mock disaster testing, backup battery testing and monitoring, generator testing guidance, backup connectivity validation