enCompass Recovery Cloud

enCompass Recovery Cloud is our hallmark cloud-based service, a comprehensive and fully managed disaster recovery solution for highly regulated businesses supported by our team of extremely qualified and well versed engineers that take your disaster preparedness as seriously as you do.


What makes our service unique?

enCompass Recovery Cloud is the only fully managed cloud-based disaster recovery solution.

Our company was designed, from the ground-up as an industry leader in managed IT services for regulated small and medium businesses. With eRC, your company is assigned a dedicated enCompass engineer who personally monitors your backup routine and addresses backup exceptions as they occur. Your engineer also completes regularly scheduled virtual machine spinups and guides your team through regularly scheduled full-scale recovery testing. This service ensures compliance (and your peace of mind) in two ways: 1) monthly reporting documents detailed information for you AND for your examiner on your next IT audit; and 2) our managed IT program serves as a third-party audit of your business’s disaster preparedness.

Onsite. Nearsite. And Offsite Backups.

Because we’ve done this more than once (ok so we’ve done it more than a hundred times), we’ve had our share of learning experiences. Let our learning experiences guide you to better disaster preparedness. The promise of the cloud is clear, but nothing, at least presently on the market, can fully replace onsite and nearsite backups in terms of efficiency to a long-term recovery. That’s why our solution was engineered with local incremental backups, nearsite daily backups to a branch office or local audited datacenter, and offsite to our SAS70, SSAE 16 audited datacenter.

Our team of engineers and compliance experts can help you improve disaster preparedness & improve recovery time.

The result: Total compliance preparation & your complete confidence.

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It’s a recovery solution. Emphasis on the Recovery.

Cloud-based backup solutions are good. But they’re only a good first step for a highly regulated business. Cloud-based backups don’t do much for your business’s mean time-to-recovery (MTR); therefore, enCompass Recovery Cloud was designed to not only transport your backups offsite but to decrease your MTR too. Simply put, our engineering team virtualizes (think: clones) your server environment, and a select group of PCs if opted, at our datacenter and/or your nearsite location. If your business experiences a disaster whether natural or man-made we simply fail you over to your nearsite or our datacenter and you don’t skip a beat. Your MTR can go from 5-7 business days to a matter of hours. Really! We’ve tested it, and we’ll regularly test your implementation too, because eRC is the only fully-managed cloud-based disaster recovery solution backed by a team of highly qualified systems engineers that you’ll be proud to call your extended team.


pdfCase Study: Financial Institution Converts to enCompass Recovery Cloud for Improved Disaster Preparedness [PDF]